This year, Veteran's Day spews forth many emotions--I am proud of my relatives that have served in the armed forces, proud of America,  heartfelt thanks to all those that have served this country, proud of our Stars and Stripes, proud to say the  Pledge of Allegiance, grateful to have free speech, to chose my religion, to chose my political party, fortunate to have the opportunity to work hard, study hard, and party hard.  Proud that America was made strong by a belief in capitalization, the belief that you can work as much or as little as you want, and make as much or as little money that you desire.  America's Veteran's fought and many, many, many gave their  lives fighting for their, your, and my freedoms; for making us feel safe and secure in our homes.   I feel very, very sad when I think that what our Veteran's have stood for may have been for naught, because it seems that many people have forgotten what this country stands for, and, instead have become self-centered, lazy, and want the government to give them hand-outs, and lack an appreciation for those serving today in the Armed Forces.  Those "willing to be told what to do by the government" persons believe corporations are "greedy", that the "rich" should be taxed more, that we should not be fighting for our freedoms, that flying our flag or saying the Pledge of Allegiance is not "politically correct."     Shame on these spineless, weak, and ignorant people (I can't even speak the word "Americans" to describe them).    I pray that they attend a memorial service tomorrow, November 11, 2011, and express greatfull thanks to America's Veteran's--that they go up to a Veteran and say "thanks." 

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